Scrum Tool Changelog

Version 0.08

Reconnecting to database server on lost connection automatically

Version 0.07

Fix: You can copy double values greater than 999 to clipbord in a format, that is useful for Excel
Doesn't round values copied to clipboard
FIX: Tags are cloned correctly on stories (Existing tags are fixed on first start)
Repeating "Clone of" texts in story names are eliminated
All Stories Tab
Shows number of stories selected, not only the sum of story points.
Separated Set Sprint and Unset Sprint buttons for story browsers (backlogs)

Version 0.06

Unicode Clipboard handling on Linux
Automatic database upgrade
Tags of stories are copied to clipboard in text form
Copy to clipboard fixes
Saving column setups and window states to configuration
Columns are movable in all record browsers
Hide/show columns menu in record browsers
"Insert" - "Add" change on context menus
Importance field and DnD sorting for Impediments
When adding new login, you can select user name from a drop list containing all database users (if you are a superuser of the database)
After changing color or text of tags, tags are refreshed in backlog
"Story points selected" are refreshed after moving selected stories to/from backlog
"Enter" key handling bug fixed
Limiting length of name fields to prevent ugly error messages
Better error messages on errors saving data to database
"Add Story" Window: "Story ID" can be selected using TAB key
No crash on adding stories to newly created sprint
Importance field and DnD sorting for tasks
A foreign language message translated to English